Keep Running Your Race

As we all watch the news out of Boston instead of focusing on the act  focus on the good.  In the victim’s time of need literally hundreds of Police, Fireman, EMTs, Race Volunteers & Participants, Bystanders, Doctors, and Nurses rushed into the fray to help.  They are Heros who walk amongst us everyday and we are blessed to have them.   In the weeks ahead we will hear stories of hope and healing from the survivors.  Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and Clergy will be there to comfort the grieving and help to heal the victims.  As with previous acts of cowardice in our great country everyday citizens will open their hearts and wallets to aid those effected.  Police and the FBI will work tirelessly to turn over every rock to bring the cowardly insects to justice.   And they will be brought to justice.

It is up to the rest of us to keep moving forward and keep running our race.  It is the ultimate revenge against their cowardly acts.  To enjoy this great country and live our lives.  God Bless America. 

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