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How long does it take to find a new job?

How long does it take to get a new job?

A frequent question by new job seekers is the length of the process. The average time from when you send out your resume till when you start the new role is about 8-12 weeks. This is an average. I have roles filled in as little as 3 days and as long as six months. Every situation is different but here is the run down on estimated times that add up to the 8-12 week average.

1. 1 week to a month for sorting resumes. The job is posted and you apply but companies will wait until they have a few candidates lined up before starting the process.
2. 1 week to a month for setting up first round interviews. A phone interview can speed up this process because they are easier to schedule than a face to face interview.
3. 1 week to a month for second round interview. Almost always a face to face interview with a number of interviewers.
4. 1 week to a month for referencing, constructing the offer (which usually has to be approved by a number of different departments), presenting the offer, acceptance, resignation, two weeks of work, and start date.

There are a lot of variables that can lengthen the process such as additional rounds (I have companies go to six rounds), scheduling difficulties, and negotiations. This is all best case of a real job that a company is motivated to fill. With the state of the economy companies have been using people in cross functional roles covering vacancies are not as motivated to fill roles.

How can you speed up the process? Be available. Scheduling is big factor in the length of the process. Also follow up after every conversation. It keeps you in the front of their minds and shows interest. If you haven’t heard anything after an interview and have sent a follow up send a quick note every week for 3 weeks (Enjoyed the conversation & just want to show my continued interest in the company). News grabs are also great for the “continued interest” follow up such as a press release on strong quarterly numbers (great news! I admire your organization). You can also try to network with contacts you have at the company. Be patient but engaged in the process. If you are truly interested in the company readily jump through any hoop they present and you will increase your odds of landing the role.

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