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Just Go and Today’s Workplace

A recent Gallup survey found 70% of American workers are disconnected and are not working to their full potential. The article by Gallup on the survey stated this resulted in $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year and gave a number of suggestions for companies and managers to tackle the problem. But what about the employee? How much in lost bonuses, promotions, and success leading to new opportunities did they lose?

The majority of white collar employees are, in reality, in business for themselves. Increased output not only results in monetary gains through raises, promotions, or bonuses but also through new opportunity. The reward may not be as great as the entrepreneur but neither is the risk. Companies want to hire top performers and opportunity finds top performers. So although it is in part the responsibility of the company and management to motivate employees, from a career and monetary perspective, the truly successful are able to motivate themselves. Simple right? The problem is the gap in most US education has and will continue to be…Positive Thinking. Unless you played a sport and maybe were probably exposed to some locker room halftime speeches. To salespeople it is a necessity but to most other professions Positive Thinking education comes off as hokey and trendy. If you have not embraced it and are falling into the 70% of disconnected workers it is time to dig in…for your, your career’s/resume’s,your family’s, and your bank account.

Here is a quick Positive thought for the workday and it comes from a painter. We were having a house staged for sale and needed to freshen up the place. A friend recommended Jody but he had a regular 9-5 job and just painted on the side so he could only paint in the evenings. It was a big job and I was concerned he couldn’t get it done in the few hours he had every evening. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about…this guy was fast and did awesome work. I was amazed at how he could get done in a few hours what would have taken me days. After he finished and I was paying him I asked “this work is amazing, how did you get this done so fast?” His answer ” I just go, I don’t pause look back and survey my accomplishments and I don’t get aggravated by setbacks and spills…I just go” I know I’m amazed at how much I get done before I go on vacation or when I have a deadline. But it is not difficult to carry on that same attitude and dedication in the workday and “Just go” or in Nike’s famous ad “Just do it”.

Here’s a quick list my favorite authors and works:

Life & Work: Anthony Robbins, Larry Winget, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, & Brian Tracy
Christian: John Acuff, John Maxwell, Norman Vincent Peale, & Joel Osteen
Classic: Earl Nightingale, James Allen, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie
Finance: Dave Ramsey or the books “Millionaire Next Door”, “The Wealthy Barber” or “The Richest Man in Babylon”
Sales: Zig Ziglar, Harvey McKay, and Jeffery Gitomer

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