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10 Quick Interview Tips!

Interviewing is a skill.  Unfortunately a lot of candidates don’t get enough practice and are nervous and out of sync when they walk into an interview for the job of a lifetime.   Don’t be that candidate!  Get some interview experience. Role play with a friend or industry peer.  A lot of MBA programs have interview “speed dating” where you interview with a number of prospective companies.   You can also interview for a job you don’t want and use it as an experience.   Great experience and you might be surprised at the result…either you may want the job after all or you may find more joy and be more engaged at your current job when you go back into work.

1.  Map it out!  Don’t be late! Be sure you leave enough time for traffic jam or other delay.

2.  Be about 15 minutes early.   If it is a first round interview you may have an application to fill out or other paperwork.

3.  Think back to a successful meeting or event from your past.   Research has found that if you get in the mood of success you will be more successful in the interview.  Think of a day when you hit it out of the park and you increase your chances of doing it again.

4.  Stand up or Sit up!  Candidates that had proper posture where viewed more favorably by hiring managers.  Also, keep a calm demeanor when sitting or standing…don’t fidget.

5.  Shut off the phone.  Don’t even pull it out to glance at it to pass the time.  If you think you are going to have some down time in the interview and you want to seem busy review your resume, a copy of the job description, or company material (portfolio/flyer, products, or print outs you made while doing homework on the company… news, website, etc).

6.  Stand up to introduce yourself or when someone new enters the room.

7.  Ask questions!  Have quick questions on hand.  “If someone is successful in this role what are the top areas do they need to excel?,  “What are the main obstacles to success in this role”  etc… Think quick questions that don’t have a simple “Yes or no” answer.

8.  Wrap it up!  When answering and interview question.  Follow the simple format…tell them what are say, tell them, and then wrap it up.   Be sure you have a tone and demeanor of conclusion….you eliminate that uncomfortable moment of “Are they finished can I talk?” for the hiring manager.

9.   Take notes right after the interview so your follow ups have the correct spelling of every interviewers name and have impact.

10.  Follow up!  And do it within 24 hours.  Email is required.  In addition a handwritten or short letter is an extra bonus.

Your dream job may be out there!  Be sure you have the interview experience to really show up on that day.   I wish you success!

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Job Search Reboot

If you have been in the market for a while or just thinking of starting a job search here is quick plan for you.  I call it the 100-10-1 plan.  I should probably trademark it or include it in an ad slogan like Herman Kane. But hey, I’m just looking to spread the knowledge and help someone out.  Here you go… the 100-10-1 plan, let’s get started.

In this plan your targets are going to fall into three different buckets..Networking, Recruiters, & finally Job Postings.  You should have three separate resumes for these target groups.  When you network, you should be talking to the contact before sending the resume so you can send a more detailed copy (and you should ask..Do you want the one pager or detailed copy?).  If the Recruiter you are dealing with is an industry specialist you should send one with more detail than the one pager but not quite as much detail as the Network copy and again you can ask.  For Job Postings, you should have a one pager.  Here is the logic…when Networking you are usually one of one, through a Recruiter you are one of a few, and for a Job Posting you are one of many.

The 100-10-1 plan.  The basis of the plan is to send out a 100 are tracking send outs..there doesn’t have to be an opening…examples, a Network contact might be checking in their company for a potential role for you or you are getting on the radar of an industry Recruiter.

1. First put together a spreadsheet to track your progress…company, contact, date sent, follow up sent..etc.

2. Take your time and be honest with yourself…”Am I really qualified for this job or company?.

3. Don’t just sit down and send out a 100 through postings…they should be spread out evenly through the three buckets…Networking, Recruiters, & Postings

4. Every 10 resumes, circle back and follow up on the job or resume sendout..via email or phone.

5.  And lastly, interview for one job that you wouldn’t normally consider.  Interviewing is valuable experience and a lot of candidates will turn down an interview…If you are in the market think.. “turn down offers not interviews”.  Two reasons…  One, you may find out a lot more about the job and go for it!  And secondly, interviewing is a valuable skill and the only way to get good at it guessed it…Interview!

If you have questions feel free to contact me and check back for more tips!

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